Thank you for expressing an interest in the Dharug/Darug Language lessons. Dharug Ngurra Aboriginal Corporation (DNAC), Darug Custodian Aboriginal Corporation (DCAC) and Dharug Strategic Management Group (DSMG) would like to take the opportunity to thank the Indigenous Languages and Arts program for supporting our Dharug/Darug Dalang Project and initiatives. Collaboratively, the organisations are working together, offering 8 weeks of FREE Language lessons across Dharug/Darug Ngurra – Country.

NB:  These are introductory lessons (a learner’s guide) and not a school teaching language program for teachers (persay) to take back to their schools as an enriched language program.  Please follow the community cultural guidelines and protocols when engaging with Dharug First Nations Peoples. The purpose and outcome for the project is for Dharug yura – people, their families and friends/allies to be productive together as a community of language/learner speakers.  If you want to know how to engage with Dharug language learner/speakers and for them to come and support a Dharug language or cultural program, please email info@dharugngurra.org.au and we will pass on your details to specific Dharug Custodians who will be more than happy to engage with you.

This expression of Interest form is for people who reside in the Barramada/Parramatta area.

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